WPG: Large in Reach

The Washington Premier Group (WPG) prides itself in providing a boutique government affairs experience with the qualifications and caliber of a large firm. With more than 20 years of experience in federal, state, and local government affairs, we have built connections on Capital Hill that undoubtedly lend well to business interests.

With the flexibility of a smaller firm, we have the ability to devote higher levels of focus and dedication to each of our clients. Thus allowing us to confidently say that our streamlined and affordable government relation’s services provide clients with a personal, truly hands-on experience. Be it lobbying, public relations, management consulting, legislative analysis, events management/planning, or stakeholder engagement programs, WPG bears the wealth of knowledge and experience needed to deliver the highest degree of excellence.

Though highly capable of standing alone in tackling new projects, WPG also recognizes the value of outside perspectives and collective action. As a team player, we are completely open and willing to be added to existing contracts or company infrastructure. The very nature of our work has sculpted WPG into integration experts, able to mesh well in the most productive of manners.
Written by: Dylan Garcia, Intern